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Tildelte grader

Ph.d.-grader i 2016 fordelt på institutter


Lise Rosendal Østergaard: Fragile encounters; exploring public healthcare in Boulgou Province, Burkina Faso

Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum: From Buga-Buga Soldiers to Offiers and Gentlemen. How professionalism and civility transformed the Ghana Armed Forces

Marie Sønderup Kolling: New Homes, New Lives? Slum Upgrading, Consumption Dreams and Debt in Brazil

Trine Brinkmann: When to whisper? Moving refugees psychotramatology beyond the clinic in welfare state Denmark

Ida Sofie Matzen (4+4): EXTREMISTS OF LOVE. Cosmological Activism among Sufi Muslims in Contemporary Lahore, Pakistan


Sofie Folke: Technique and relationship: A study of therapeutic alliance, treatment adherence and adult attachment in psychotherapy for bulimia nervosa

Ola Hendar: When two language modalities meet: Speech and sign language, and the impact on education

Alessandro Talia: The Patient Attachment Coding System. Attachment and communication in psychotherapy and in adult life

Nina Thorup Dalgaard: The Transgenerational Transmission of Refugee Trauma - How parental trauma history may affect children without a history of trauma exposure

Flemming Ask Larsen: Congenital deafblindness and bodily-tactile language acquisition

Nicole Nadine Lønfeldt: Toward a Developmental Perspective for the Metacognitive Model of Childhood Anxiety

Annika Helgadottir Davidsen: Group psychotherapy clinical trial and a pre-treatment moderator and mediation analysis

Ida Unmack Larsen: The many roads to inattention. Psychopathological and normal development of attention in middle childhood

Line Natascha Larsen: Mens vi venter på samhørighed - Om trivsel og mobilisering af social støtte i Grønland

Paula Alejandra Cavada Hrepich (4+4): Starting First-Year Primary: Children’s transitions in classroom learning activities

Marianne Skovgaard Thomsen: Neuropsychological functioning in Women with Borderline Personality Disorder

Bartholomäus Odoj: The role of eye position signals in spatial cognition

Madeleine Lucy Chapman: Gender, Agency and the Veil: Analysing the role of representations in identity construction by Muslim women

Ida Dyhr Caspersen: Personality traits and cognitive impairment in Huntington’s disease

Linda Marschner: Alterations of learning and memory after experimental mild traumatic brain injuriy and its association to neurodegenerative diseases: Mouse models and potential mechanisms


Ida Gran Andersen: Unequal Learning Opportunities in the Classroom. Family Resources, Institutional Contexts, and Inequality of Educational Opportunity

Peter Rohde Skov: The Company You Keep. The Effects of Peers and Disruptive Behavior on Educational Achivement and Choice of Education

Anna Sofie Bach: Morgendagens mænd. En sociologisk analyse af nye familiepraksisser og maskuline transformationer i samlivet med en karrierekvinde

Stine Møllegaard Pedersen: The role of cultural capital and behavioral problems in educational inequality

Anders Trolle Purup: Parental Investments and the Reproduction of Socioeconomic Status

Sofie Dencker-Larsen: Unemployment, health, and well-being


Tanja Kasandra Behrndt-Eriksen: CHINESE ENERGY COMPANIES’ ACQUISITIONS ABROAD. Implications for the Foreign Policy of an Authoritarian State

Bolette Danckert: Political Responses to Personal Experiences

Frederik Georg Hjorth: Ethnicization in Welfare State Politics

Irina Maria Clara Hansen Papazu: Participatory Innovation: Storying the Renewable Energy Island Samsø

Andreas Bøje Forsby: The Logic of Social Identity in IR: China’s Identity and Grand Strategy in the 21st Century

Nikolay Rumenov Vasev (4+4): Patient mobility amidst political paralysis: Europeanization of national healthcare system or the lack thereof

Andreas Møller Mulvad: Hegemonic Projects. Interventions on the Politics of Communist Elite Legitimation in China, 2008-2015

Esben Høgh: Poverty in a rich man’s world


Svend Greniman Andersen: Offshoring, innovation and wages in the global economy. Evidence from Danish linked employer-employee data

Tseday Jemaneh Mekasha: Macroeconomic Shocks and Inflation, Social Protection and Aid Effectiveness

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen: Dynamics of homophily in friendships. Efficiency, inequality and policies

Edward John Dorrell Webb (4+4): Attention and perception in decision-making and interactions

Allan Anders Balsgaard: Arms Races and War. A game theoretic analysis

Ulrik Richardt Beck (4+4): Essays in Development Economics: Inequality Measurement and Household Factor Allocations

Leonardo Esteban Salazar Vergara (4+4): Essays on Labor and Exchange Markets in Chile

Louise Charlotte Willerslev-Olsen: Forecasting, rationality and financial trouble

Ole Jann (4+4): Multiple Equilibria in Markets and Games

Hailemariam Ayalew Tiruneh: Impact Evaluation of policy Reforms: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Africa