Jens Peter Thomsen, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen


The development and planning of a master's level specialization track course

This project concerns the development and planning of a specialization track course in “Social Inequalities” at the master’s level at the Sociology Program at University of Copenhagen. The project outlines the didactic considerations involved in aligning overall Program aims, generic master level coursed aims, and the aims of the course “social inequalities”. The concepts of Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO) and Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA) are deployed to achieve alignment between overall aims and student learning objectives of the course. Teaching and learning activities are outlined and their relevance to the realization of the objectives of the course is listed. It is shown how the systematic work with establishing and clarifying intended learning outcomes and their relevance to and coherence with the overall program profile ensures quality in course planning and teaching objectives. Similarly, it is shown how various teaching and learning activities caters specifically to the taxonomic levels of the intended learning outcomes.

Project presentation with Prezi