Mads Christian Dagnis Jensen, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen


The art of eating an elephant - a qualitative study of political science graduates and the private sector

The Danish public sector’s demand for political science graduates is expected to decrease in the coming years. Combined with an increased intake of students, this implies that that graduates increasingly may have to find employment in the private sector. This project investigates how the education in political science can be recalibrated slightly to better match the demand in the private sector without compromising its present strengths. Based on a number of interviews with employers in the private sector, the project identifies the generic competencies that they demand from employees, the extent to which political science graduates meet these demands, and how any eventual gap can be closed. It is subsequently discussed how the suggestions can be implemented based on didactic literature. The project finds that there is a need for more: 1.) case-based teaching and problem-based learning; 2.) introductory modules in business economics, commercial law, and the art of writing; and 3) interaction with actors in the private sector who could serve as guest lecturers or mentors.