Video Workshops

Have you considered using videos in your teaching and are you thinking it to be a bit of a hassle to get started with it? Then come and join our video workshop!

We are inviting you to a video workshop for beginners. At our workshop we will give you  tips and guides, on how you can implement video in your lectures and classes. There will also be a focus on how you get the best out of sound and video without being a professional. We are going for the simple and easy recording solutions.

In the workshop we will be using iPad for recording and look at how you can easily edit and export your video to use it in Absalon.

Please bring your own iPad if you have one. We have 8 iPads that can be borrowed during the workshop, so you can easily participate in the workshop without having your own device.

We are looking forward to see you.


Your E-learning Consultants

The course will take place these two days:

The 15th of August at Faculty of Humanities: sign in here

The 26th of August at Faculty of Social Sciences: sign in here