Research and integration into the research community 

Research work (The PhD project)

The research project is the main part of the PhD programme and must be able to serve as the basis for the PhD thesis. The work may be organised as an independent project or as an integrated part of a larger research project, but must in this case be clearly defined and structured with a view to meeting the objective of the PhD programme, among other things in terms of scope, scientific/academic content and independence.

Integration into the research community

The Graduate School places great emphasis on integrating the PhD student into the research community at the department at which the PhD student is enrolled. Integration can be obtained in  several ways: Seminars half-way through the study programme, participation in research groups, external evaluation etc. The PhD curriculum outlines how integration into the research community is ensured.

Participation in other research environments

PhD students must participate in active research environments, including stays at other, mainly foreign, research institutions or in private companies, for instance in a research and development department. The PhD order does not specify any required scope of this activity, and the requirement may be met in many ways and should be adapted to the nature of the research project. The principal supervisor is specifically responsible for ensuring that the PhD student has the opportunity to establish contacts with active researchers outside the University of Copenhagen. Stays abroad are not a requirement, but should, to the extent possible, be aimed for. You may consult this American data base in which you should be able to search for most PhD programmes offered in all of the US.

PhD students's academic freedom

The general rules on academic freedom and ethics of science (as stipulated by the Danish Act on Universities) which apply to all scientific staff at the University of Copenhagen also apply to PhD students. In the case of externally funded PhD students, the freedom of research is ensured by a contract (standard contract drawn up by the Faculty of Social Sciences) which is signed by the institution providing the external funding, the department of enrolment as well as the PhD student.

Any exceptions to the above, i.e. limitations in the right to publish research results etc., should be stated in the contract and will only be accepted in exceptional cases when the draft contract is submitted for approval.