Teaching activities and knowledge dissemination

As part of the PhD programme, the PhD student must gain experience with teaching and other types of knowledge dissemination related, as far as possible, to the student’s PhD project.

The scope of this requirement of the PhD programme is not specified in the Danish PhD order. The requirement should not be confused with the work obligations of PhD students employed under collective agreements, which are often teaching assignments. For PhD students employed under collective agreements, it would be natural also to approve teaching carried out as a work obligation as teaching experience. However, the requirement for teaching activities and knowledge dissemination applies to all PhD students and should, in terms of scope, only account for a limited share of the contents of the entire programme.

According to the Danish PhD order, the University of Copenhagen is obliged to offer all PhD students a knowledge dissemination course as well as teaching guidance (cf. Sections 8(3) and (4) of the Danish PhD order).