Communicate your research

Media-training, presentation and communication tools for UCPH-researchers

Present your research - in person and in writing, 
and make your work matter to a wider audience 

5 + 6 November 2019

a two-day workshop for researchers at all levels with journalists Jon Clausen and Janni Brixen.
In this workshop we focus on communicating your research results to a variety of stakeholders and we integrate your own work (i.e. your PhD- or research project) in the course-exercises.

We work with presentation tools, writing exercises and interview techniques, good and bad answers and provide you with the tools to make sure that an interview will benefit you and your research.

Tools, that might also make you a better teacher, a better storyteller and even improve your grant applications and help you pitch your research project successfully.

You will also “get into the head” of the journalists and learn why they ask and write, the way they do - and how you should respond to this. You will hear about news criteria, and get tips on when to say yes and no to interviews, and how to protect your interests and your integrity as a researcher when interacting with the media.
The workshop is headed by study coordinator of MSc in Global Development Jon Clausen and journalist and press officer at Faculty of Social Sciences Janni Brixen.


  • Lean to plan interesting presentations of your work
  • Practice storytelling, simple writing and message-framing
  • Writing exercises to communicate your research in an accessible and engaging way
  • Understand the mechanisms of the media world
  • Navigate media strategies to reach the stakeholders that matter to you
  • Video-interviews and lots of hands-on exercises based on your own research project.
  • Meet research colleagues who master the media

The workshop takes place from 9:00 to17:00 on both dates, plus on the evening of the first day you´ll have a little home assignment (you will write app.½ page) which you must submit by e-mail at 21:00, as we will work on these texts during the second day of the course.

Target group
The workshop is in English and addresses all researchers at University of Copenhagen, who wish to improve their possibilities for communicating research through the media and public presentations. (PhD. fellows get 1 ECTS for participating.)

The teachers:

  • Jon Clausen is communications officer at Department of Sociology and Department of Anthropology and study coordinator of MSc in Global Development.
  • Janni Brixen is journalist and press officer at Faculty of Social Sciences and responsible for the faculty's external communication to stakeholders, among other things in the form of media work, media training of researchers and project manager for faculty conferences and other major stakeholder events.

Time and place

5 + 6 November, both days 9:00-17:00 + a little preparation and homework.

Faculty of Social Sciences, CSS, room 35.3.20
We serve lunch both days around 12:00 and coffee and cake/fruit in the breaks.

Prior to the start of the course
One week before the course all participants are to turn in a short text written like it is the first ten lines of a feature article in a major newspaper including a headline: The subject must be from own research project (i.e. preliminary or expected results).

Everyone brings a laptop.

Please register before 7 October 2019 via this link to the registration form:

Please inform us, if you have any particular food restrictions e.g. allergies, intolerance, vegetarian etc.

If you have any questions about the course, you are welcome to contact
Janni Brixen or Jon Clausen