About us

About the Teaching and Learning Unit

The educational advisors work to equip students for the academic challenges of studying and to help academic staff become skillful lecturers and supervisors.

All our services are provided free of charge to both students and staff from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

What We Offer

For assistant professors and postdocs

For all lecturers

  • We seek to promote deep learning and understanding through seminars and workshops for lecturers and through dialogue and joint developmental projects with individual lecturers and board of studies. Read more on our site for lecturers.

For students

  • For students writing their Masters' thesis, we establish feedback groups where 4 or 5 students who study for the same degree and who are all in the process of writing their Master's thesis meet every two weeks or so, and offer each other feedback on their respective drafts. Read more about feedback groups and how to join.
  • You can read our guides for international students "Study Skills", "Writing Groups - Why and How" and "Use Your Master's Thesis Supervisor" here or you can pick up a hard copy at the Student Counsellor's Office at your department. The booklet "Writing groups" gives concrete instructions on how to set up and conduct a successful writing group and passes on many years of experience with pitfalls and best practices. 
  • The educational advisors have produced 12 tutorials about study skills such as reading, writing and working in peer groups. Thet are now available with English subtitles. Find them here.  

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