PCS and The Educational Advisors


PCS is the center for Teaching and Learning at City Campus, University of Copenhagen. The educational advisors work to equip students for the academic challenges of studying and to help the academic staff become skillful lecturers and supervisors.

The advisors’ work

Our services are aimed at both lecturers and students: We offer the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme, introductory courses for student instructors, PhD students and new lecturers. In addition, we offer PhD supervision courses, courses in online and blended teaching and other pedagogical courses.

The educational advisors supervise and advise the faculty's lecturers at all levels both collectively and individually, and are engaged in teaching development with all management layers. In addition, the advisors also offer guidance in study techniques for students, both collectively and individually.

In collaboration with the academic environments, the Faculty of Social Sciences is also involved in larger development work concerning the development, reorganisation or evaluation of courses or whole study programmes. We produce knowledge about local pedagogical conditions as well as inspire the work on achieving the organisation's strategic objectives in the field of education.

The educational advisors are part of the faculty’s programme administration and collaborate with the pedagogical units and employees at the other faculties at the University of Copenhagen. Our advisors actively participate in the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education society and other relevant national and international forums.

The educational advisors have systematic, research-based knowledge of, and many years of practical experience with, educational guidance at universities. This includes knowledge about development of curriculum and courses, and support for the student’s communication, collaboration, or innovation competencies.

On a daily basis, PCS is headed by Søren Hedegaard Sørensen, who, together with the Vice-dean for Education, Sara Hagemann, sets the strategic direction for the center.

Contact PCS

You can contact the educational advisors together at pcs@samf.ku.dk or individually here: Contact information