Fakultetskalenderen er ikke nødvendigvis udtømmende. Her lægges kun større arrangementer, som fakultetssekretariatet kender til. Vi trækker dog arrangementer fra institutternes kalendere ind i denne fakultetskalender.

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  • 24. juni - 19. juli 2019

    IARU Summer Course: Borderland

    IARU summer course "Borderland: Critical Approaches to Field Research in the Global South" in Chiang Mai, Thailand organized jointly by University of Copenhagen and UC-Berkeley.

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  • 28. juni - 30. juni 2019

    Workshop on The Developement of Non-Standard Preferences

    Are economic preferences an innate and specific characteristic of each human being or they  malleable and thus they can be taught? In this workshop an international group of researchers will debate this fundamental question on nature or nurture and they will present their new findings on this topic.

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