Fakultetskalenderen er ikke nødvendigvis udtømmende. Her lægges kun større arrangementer, som fakultetssekretariatet kender til. Vi trækker dog arrangementer fra institutternes kalendere ind i denne fakultetskalender.

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  • 23. sept. 2019, kl. 14.30

    Laurs Røndbøll Leth forsvarer sin ph.d.-afhandling

    Laurs Røndbøll Leth forsvarer sin ph.d.-afhandling:"Essays on High-Frequency Market Microstructure: Herding and Volume-Synchronized Probability of Informed Trading"

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  • 23. sept. 2019, kl. 15.00-17.00

    Facing Facebook with Roger McNamee

    SODAS is very happy to announce that Roger McNamee is visiting The University of Copenhagen. Roger McNamee will talk about how Facebook has inflicted to society across virtual and physical space - and what can be done to try and stop it.

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  • 23. sept. 2019, kl. 18.30-20.30


    DataBeers is open to all, there will be short and engaging talks about the latest advances in data science, many interesting people to network with and - of course - plenty of free beer. The event is sponsered by SODAS and DTU Compute.

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