About Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen comprises the departments of Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. These departments offer PhD programmes within their very different fields of research. Since the reseach at the Faculty is so varied, the PhD students have ample opportunity to influcence their own individual study programmes.

The chief purpose of Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences is to train researchers at an international level by making the PhD students part of in the Faculty's research work and, thus, part of the international research community.

At the University of Copenhagen, PhD programmes are administered by six graduate schools, one at each of the University's faculties. Each graduate school is headed by a head of graduate school, who is responsible for the PhD degree programmes and is assisted by a PhD Study Committee with equal representation of academic staff and PhD students. Each graduate school may have a number of local or cross-institutional research schools. Each graduate school has its own supplementary provisions.

The code of regulations should, therefore, be read in connection with the supplementary provisions of the appropriate graduate school. Further information about organisation, research schools, supplementary provisions and guidelines as well as contacts is available on the website of each individual faculty.

The following PhD degree programmes are offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences. Read more about the general elements in the PhD study programme here. For more information about your department's PhD programme, please follow the proper link below:

The Faculty of Social Sciences has appointed a head of programme for each of the respective PhD programmes and established an advisory PhD Study Board at the respective departments. These advisory study boards should not be confused with the PhD Study Committee on faculty level. For further information on the legal basis of the PhD degree programme, click here.