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PhD courses in Denmark

This national portal allows you to search for PhD courses offered by all Danish Universities.

Courses arranged by The Graduate School of Social Sciences

The Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences offers generic courses relevant to all PhD students at the Faculty. Some of the courses are only taught in Danish. The following courses are available during the spring term of 2018:

2 + 23 Septmber 2019
Introductory Course for new PhD students (mandatory)
There are many things to prepare for and get acquainted with when starting the PhD programme. Therefore, we conduct a two-day introductory course for new PhD students at each semester start. The next course will be conducted on 2 September + 23 September 2019. You will meet the head of the PhD school and your PhD colleagues, who start at the same time as you, and you will receive a lot of useful information together with a course in scientific integrity.

The first day of the course will be conducted next time on 2 September 2019. On this day you will receive information about the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The course day is concluded with a joint dinner paid by the faculty, so please put the day in your calendar now, if you wish to participate.

The second day of the course will be conducted next time on 23 September 2019 and will include a course in scientific integrity. The aim of this course is to introduce PhD students to a number of basic concepts, principles and norms regarding responsible behavior within research. This will enable PhD students to understand and reflect on ethical issues and requirements according to their research.

When both course days have been completed, you will receive a course certificate with 1.5 ECTS, for which the course is rated.

It is not necessary to register for the course, the PhD administration will send you an invitation and a programme, etc. during the summer.

11 September - 21 November  2019
Research Writing in English
A course to assist you with dissertation and article writing – four group sessions (every second week) that offer a supportive framework with plenty of time for practice and two 45-minute individual consultations.
Please follow this link for further information and registration.

30 September 2019
Do you manage time or does time manage you?
Time is a resource that we all have. What makes us different from one another is HOW we use the time.
So, if you find that your work is piling up and you get stressed by all the thing you do not find time to do? Then you need to get in control of time. Learn a number of useful tools to prioritize your time right, sharpen your concentration, avoid procrastination and break down large and complex processes into manageable actions.
Please follow this link for further information and registration.

30 October - 1 November 2019
Prepare for the labour market
A 2.5 day course aimed at preparing PhD students to work with real issues, getting to know and use some innovation tools, like Principles of Brainstorm, the Double Diamond model (a design process model) and using different forms of presentation technologies and methods.
Please follow this link for further information and registration.

5 - 6 November 2019
Communicate your research
Media-training and hands-on communication tools for UCPH-researchers. Write well, navigate the media and make the journalist work for you.  A two-day workshop for all UCPH-researchers with journalists Jon Clausen and Janni Brixen.
Please follow this link for further information and registration.

14 November 2019
Update your academic publishing toolbox
This course is arranged by the Faculty Library of Social Sciences. 
Please follow this link for further information and registration.

University Teaching course
The course is arranged by and will announced by the Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences:

Courses pertaining to the subject matter of the project

PhD students enrolled at the Faculty of Social Sciences have the opportunity to participate in PhD courses pertaining specifically to their area of interest.

Some courses are offered by the different departments:

Department of Anthropology
Department of Economics
Department of Poliltical Science (in Danish)
Department of Psychology
Department of Sociology

Furthermore, courses are offered by the national graduate schools. There is one national graduate school relevant to each department at the Faculty. 

The below links will give you information about the courses currently offered at each of the national graduate schools.

Courses arranged by other faculties at the University of Copenhagen

Faculty of Sciences Graduate School at the Faculty of Humanities Copenhagen Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences The Faculty of Law (most of the courses are held in Danish).

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