PhD Introduction to teaching and supervision

Copenhagen Graduate school of Social Sciences in collaboration with the educational advisors are offering a free-of-charge course in university teaching techniques and applied educational theory to Ph.D.-students, postdocs and assistant professors from the Faculty’s five departments who will be teaching in the spring/summer semester 2024. The course is also open to other non-Danish speaking teaching staff from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The first two days will be focusing on Teaching and the third day will focus on Supervision. If you have participated in the two-days course on Introduction to Teaching for teaching assistants in the past, you are welcome to join this course only on the third day. The course will be taught by educational advisors from the Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences and will provide participants with tangible tools, tricks and guidance to plan and complete class teaching and supervision of groups or individual students at university level. The following questions will be considered through activities, examples and debate:

  • How do you define and fulfill the intended outcomes of your teaching and supervision?

  • What is expected from a good teacher or supervisor?

  • How do you best prepare for teaching sessions?

  • What kind of techniques are available to you?

  • What tools and templates can help you supervise your students?

  • How do you handle difficult situations?

As a part of the course, every participant has ten minutes to try out a teaching example - e.g. an introduction to a theory or a model or the background to a subject. This must be prepared in advance. The primary objective is to plan the approach to your teaching– and hopefully experiment with student involvement. The ten minutes of teaching is followed by constructive feedback from teachers and participants on the course.



18 hours in class. 10 hours of preparation.


August 2024:

20.+21.+22. August


Registration for the next course will open soon