Alessandro Monti and Linnéa Nordlander


Planning and running a project-based intensive course: Human Rights and Economic Law for the Green Transition

This project concerns the development and running of a new 7.5 ECTS MA/LLM-level intensive course, ‘Human Rights and Economic Law for the Green Transition’. The course runs over ten days, with four hours of teaching per day. The project aims to advance the understanding of how an intensive programme affects student perception of learning, as well as their motivation. In doing so, it addresses the following research question: How does an intensive course influence students’ perceived learning and motivation? In order to answer this question, the project is structured as a cycle of activities that cut across the entire course process: before (course design), during (implementation of course design and surveys), and after (internal evaluation meeting and iterative process). The cycle is repeated as long as the course is offered. The implementation phase involves three surveys, administered at the start, middle, and end of the course, in order to assess student’s perceived learning and motivation as compared to non-intensive settings. The results of the three surveys inform an iterative process, through which the course is continuously improved and developed, which is the main aim of the project. In addition, we also aim to generate knowledge about intensive learning in sustainability education, relevant to educators at the Faculty of Law, KU, and elsewhere.

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