Current advertisements

General advertisements
The Faculty of Social Sciences advertises University scholarships in general PhD advertisements twice a year. One advertisement is in late March/early April with a deadline for applications 1 May, and the second one is in late September/early October with a deadline for applications 1 November.

PhD scholarships at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. Deadline for applications 15 November 2019.

Advertisement within specific areas of research
The Faculty of Social Sciences also advertises PhD scholarships within specific areas of research.

PhD scholarship Social Psychology/Cultural Psychology/Political Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen (UCPH). Deadline for applications 31 October 2019.

Important information
Before sending the electronic application we recommend you read the information about enclosures to include with your electronic application. You can also check an example of the budget to include with the application as well as the frequently asked questions.