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General advertisements

The Faculty of Social Sciences advertises university scholarships once a year in the general PhD advertisements. The advertisement is around the turn of the year with a deadline for applications around March.

Advertisement within specific areas of research

The Faculty of Social Sciences also advertises PhD scholarships within specific areas of research.

All PhD scholarships are advertised here:

Important information

Before sending the electronic application we recommend you read the information about enclosures to include with your electronic application.

Frequently asked questions

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Financial Estimate

Annual Expenditure

Year 1st
Conferences, seminars in Denmark, Switzerland and possibly, European University Institute in Italy and /or Brussels

Year 2nd
Field Trip in a country of research – depending on what is decided with the supervisor – for comparative analysis, gathering data and meetings with government officials


Year 3rd
Conferences, meetings, workshops, participation in courses in other European Institutions

Publishing the final thesis 500
Amounts in EUR (€)