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General advertisements

The Faculty of Social Sciences advertises University scholarships in general PhD advertisements twice a year. One advertisement is in late March/early April with a deadline for applications 1 May, and the second one is in late September/early October with a deadline for applications 1 November.

Advertisement within specific areas of research

The Faculty of Social Sciences also advertises PhD scholarships within specific areas of research.

All PhD scholarships are advertised here:

Important information

Before sending the electronic application we recommend you read the information about enclosures to include with your electronic application.

Frequently asked questions

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Financial Estimate

Annual Expenditure

Year 1st
Conferences, seminars in Denmark, Switzerland and possibly, European University Institute in Italy and /or Brussels

Year 2nd
Field Trip in a country of research – depending on what is decided with the supervisor – for comparative analysis, gathering data and meetings with government officials


Year 3rd
Conferences, meetings, workshops, participation in courses in other European Institutions

Publishing the final thesis 500
Amounts in EUR (€)