What to include with the application


A scanned copy of your diploma(s) must be enclosed with the application material including grades obtained and, if possible, ETCS credits. Please remember to scan all pages of the diploma. If you wish to enroll in the 5+3 programme your master’ diploma must be enclosed. If you wish to enroll in the 4+4 programme your bachelor diploma and transcripts documenting that you have completed 60 ECTS of the master’s degree programme must be enclosed. If you apply just before obtaining your degree, you should enclose a transcript of your grades, and –if relevant –a statement from your supervisor that you are just aboutto submit your MA thesis. If your diploma is from an educational institution abroad, a Danish or English version of any diploma not written in Norwegian, Swedish, German, French or English must be attached, and an official description of the grading scale applied should also be enclosed.

The project description 

A rather detailed academic exposition of the PhD thesis, i.e. an account of the research questions that you will pursue, what theory and methodology that you will adopt as well as how the PhD thesis will contribute to existing research. Some of the departments have further information on their websites:

A preliminary bibliography should also be included.

Preliminary Study Plan

The preliminary study plan is a short preliminary plan for each semester of the expected course of study, i.e. thesis work, studies at other educational institutions, participation in courses etc. It is a preliminary outline of the studies, since it is not necessarily possible to bevery specific about your work 3 years ahead.


You must attach an academic CurriculumVitae (CV) with your application. You may also include a list of publications, if relevant.

Financial estimate

Please include an estimate of any major expenses expected to be incurred in connection with field work, studies abroad, conferences, equipment etc. You should NOT include living expenses or expenditure on accommodation, food, office equipment and/or books. You may visit the appropriate department's website for additional information about financial estimates in connection with applications for PhD positions, especially the Department of Anthropology.

Bachelor/master’s thesis

If you wish to enrol in the 5+3 PhD study programme, you must attach your master’s thesis electronically. If you wish to enroll in the 4+4 programme you must attach your bachelor thesis.

If you have secured partial external funding

Documentary proof of funding issued by the funding provider must be enclosed. It is important you attach this documentation since applications for PhD positions from applicant that will receive partial or supplementary funding from an external source of funding solely are forwarded to the appropriate department for assessment, if documentary proof of funding has been enclosed in the application