Sample study protocol for adapting and translating the 5C scale to assess the psychological antecedents of vaccination

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  • Cornelia Betsch
  • Katrine Bach Habersaat
  • Sergei Deshevoi
  • Dorothee Heinemeier
  • Nikolay Briko
  • Natalia Kostenko
  • Janusz Kocik
  • Böhm, Robert
  • Zettler, Ingo
  • Charles Shey Wiysonge
  • Ève Dubé
  • Arnaud Gagneur
  • Elisabeth Botelho-Nevers
  • Amandine Gagneux-Brunon
  • Jonas Sivelä

Introduction Published in 2018, the 5C scale is psychometrically validated to assess five psychological antecedents of vaccination (confidence, complacency, constraints, calculation and collective responsibility). The original version offers a validated English and German scale to assess these determinants with a short 5-item scale (1 item per antecedent) and a long 15-item scale (3 items per antecedent). This sample study protocol provides a step-by-step guidance for the process of adapting the 5C scale to another country, language or cultural context. Data obtained from the 5C scale can support developing, implementing and evaluating an intervention and monitoring of general vaccine acceptance and demand. Methods and analysis Phase 1 comprises the adaptation of the 5C scale including the translation and back translation of the antecedents, an expert evaluation of the antecedents and the identification of new antecedents as well as a pretest. Phase 2 involves the validation of the translated and potentially expanded scale including the assessment of reliability, construct and concurrent validity of all items of the scale. Code for data analysis is provided. Ethics and dissemination The University of Erfurt's institutional review board provided ethical clearance (EV-201900416.2). The authors suggest and encourage publicly sharing all data obtained from the translated 5C scale (eg, on publication). The materials and the code for data analysis to support the process described in this protocol are available in Sharing data on vaccine acceptance and demand is in the public and the scientific interest and will facilitate gaining a global overview of its current state and development over time. The authors of the original 5C scale are currently working on an online platform to facilitate publishing the data and to visualise the psychological antecedents across different countries.

TidsskriftBMJ Open
Udgave nummer3
StatusUdgivet - 10 mar. 2020

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